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Seven years ago, I gave birth to my first child.
That experience changed me forever.


Gina Morin is a birth doula based in Rocky Point, NY. She specializes in providing childbirth education, prenatal yoga, Hypnobirthing, guided meditation for pregnancy and birth, and of course, birth support. She offers these services to families planning a home, birth center or hospital birth on Long Island. Gina's goal is to provide you with the support and care you need to have a positive and empowering birthing experience. She is here for you every step of the way. Click Start Here to fill out your intake form and Gina will contact you to schedule an interview.


What My Clients Say

"She exudes a sense of confidence and expertise that made me feel confident to speak up about my birth preferences to the rest of my birth team. I recommend Gina to everyone when I find out they're expecting. She has the most grounding, calming presence."

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My story

Seven years ago, I gave birth to my first child. That experience changed me forever. At the time of my first pregnancy, I was already a long-time yoga teacher and reiki master, so I knew I wanted my birth to be more than a physical act. I wanted to learn how to connect mind, body, soul, and baby and really prepare for the experience of birth.


I also was full of fear; fear of the unknown, of pain, the "what if's", it all felt so overwhelming. I was lucky enough to watch my nephew come into this world a few months prior to my pregnancy and after witnessing that I was on an Oxytocin high for days! This was the start of my passion for birth.


I knew my experience needed to be sacred, protected, and spiritually awakening. I fell into a HypnoBirthing birth education class, found a midwife, doula, and practiced yoga and meditation for my birth. Fast forward and I had the birth experience I had hoped for.


After that I knew I needed to and so wanted to help create a safe space for women in birth. A few months later I took both a Hypnobirthing instructors' course as well as a birth doula training and the rest is history. Along the way I also studied Astrology and practice as an Evolutionary Astrologer.


Since taking my trainings, I have taught and supported so many families during their precious time of pregnancy and birth. With my experience working with my families, I can sum up what makes me so passionate about this work:


My deepest passion is to help moms to connect with their innate wisdom and intuition. To bridge the gap between the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of pregnancy and birth. To help moms dissolve their fears and learn practical tools to meet whatever comes up for them in their pregnancy and birth. To walk into the unknown and unite with these forces beyond anyone's control and do that with knowledge, confidence, and a peaceful heart.


I'm here to create a safe space, a protective container, and solid ground.

I'm here to serve you and your family through pregnancy and birth and help you know how to protect your experience so you can look back at this time with nothing but gratitude and joy.


I'm Gina, your Astro Doula and I'm ready to walk alongside you on your unique journey of birth.

Doula Package

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