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Birth Doula


Gina's birth doula package includes 3 prenatal visits, two in person and one virtual check in*.

All prenatal visits will use techniques and inspiration from the HypnoBirthing method of birth education.

During these visits we will get to know each other, create your birth preferences, talk about what's most important to you during your birth experience, and go over breathing exercises for birth.

Also included in my package is a 2 hour E-course developed and taught by me. Within the E-course is the education and practice of breathing techniques for birth, positions for labor and birth, hands on and verbal comfort tools for partners, as well as a download of various guided meditations and a fear release that can be listened to throughout pregnancy and birth.

24/7 text and phone support starting at 38 weeks and text/phone support during normal business hours before 38 weeks after contract signing.

In person support when mom goes into labor. This can begin whenever mom feels she's ready to have me come. It may start at home and continue at the hospital. In person support after baby's arrival for approximately 2 hours.

One in home postpartum visit- during this visit we will discuss the birth and depending on how mom feels I can offer a reiki treatment and/or guided meditation for deep restorative rest and release.

My Package also includes free access to The Nesting Place Fourth trimester support group and The Nesting Places Expecting and Empowered, Together, a doula led twice a month virtual meet up for expectant couples.

*Note that depending on how far client lives from Gina and Gina's schedule prenatal appointments could change to 2 virtual and 1 in person. Not including postnatal in person visit.

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