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Meet your Astrologer

Bringing clarity and validation from the stars.

Gina Morin is a spiritual teacher who has studied and taught various modalities such as yoga, Reiki, and astrology. She believes in the power of astrology to provide insight and understanding of our lives.


Gina's sessions are focused on creating a trusting and grounded atmosphere to support her clients in their personal transformation and evolution.


She does not predict the future...


But believes that astrology can help us understand the "why" in our lives and provide guidance on our path. Her goal is to bring clarity and validation to her clients through astrology.

Book an Astrology Reading

Star Formation

Astro Bestie

Hi, I'm your Astro Bestie and I'm here to support you through a recorded reading in your inbox. This brief reading provides you with potent and juicy information right when you need it. For this one question reading, clients often say they receive more value than 60 min readings from other astrologers. After your payment and questionnaire are received I will send your recorded reading within 48 hours.


One-Hour Reading

One hour live Zoom reading with Gina using the Evolutionary Astrology Method of birth chart interpretation. This reading is focused on past, present and future. The themes your soul is coming from and how your soul wants to evolve in this lifetime. Gina checks every inch of your birth chart to bring you clarity, hope, and inspiration.

After your deposit of $50 is received, I will contact you to schedule your reading.

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