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Kind words from doula clients...

I recently had the pleasure of working with Gina as my home birth doula, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. From the moment we met, Gina's warm and calming presence instantly put me at ease. She exudes a sense of confidence and expertise that made me feel confident to speak up about my birth preferences to the rest of my birth team. Gina was incredibly knowledgeable about the entire birthing process and was able to answer all of my questions and address any concerns I had. She provided me with a wealth of information and resources to help me prepare for the birth, and she was always available to offer support and guidance throughout my pregnancy. During the actual birth, Gina was an absolute rock. She provided unwavering support and encouragement, and her calming presence helped me stay grounded and focused. She was able to anticipate my needs and provide comfort measures that were tailored to my specific preferences. Gina's gentle touch and soothing words helped me stay relaxed and empowered throughout the entire experience. One of the things I appreciated most about Gina was her ability to expand my confidence around communicating what I wanted and needed from my team while I was in labor and during the weeks leading up to the birthday. She also helped me navigate unexpected challenges that arose with my partner at the end of my pregnancy and through postpartum. I felt empowered and in control throughout the entire process, and I credit much of that to Gina's presence. After the birth, Gina continued to provide support and guidance as I navigated the postpartum period. She checked in on me regularly, offering resources and suggestions to help me adjust to life with a newborn, and was a listening ear as I continued to struggle with my partner. Her genuine care and concern for my well-being were evident in every interaction we had. Overall, working with Gina as my home birth doula was an incredible experience. Her knowledge, expertise, and unwavering support made all the difference in my birthing journey. I am forever grateful for her presence and I highly recommend all of her services. I also took Gina's hypno birthing class prior to my firsat home birth and it absolutely helped me have two successful home births. I am available to speak with anyone looking for a reference or to answer any questions aboiut my experience with Gina. -Sarah Pope

Gina started as my hypnobirthing teacher for my 2nd pregnancy and became my doula soon after. I knew I was longing for a different birthing experience, and she gave me the knowledge and helped me to understand the confidence I always had in myself all along to have a magical home birth. She was a huge support for both my husband and I and was by my side the entire time of my labor and birth. She is a wonderful doula, teacher and friend and I’m so blessed she was a part of my beautiful pregnancy and birthing experience. -Ali

Gina is my guardian angel of birth - I had the privilege of experiencing the most incredible homebirth, thanks to the exceptional care and support provided by Gina. Inviting her into such a vulnerable and intimate moment of our life to be our doula was the best decision my husband and I could have made. From the first hypnobirthing session to the postpartum visit, Gina's dedication and nurturing presence made our entire experience unforgettable. From the moment Gina joined our birth team, her compassionate nature and genuine care shone through. Trusting her was effortless and her mere presence was always warm, creating a safe space where we felt truly seen and supported. Her ability to guide us through the most intimate moments of childbirth with kindness and empathy was remarkable. She has a true gift. The Prep: During the two visits to our home, Gina dedicated herself to ensuring our complete readiness. The first session, focused on hypnobirthing techniques, transported me to a state of deep relaxation and equipped me with breathing techniques I would use during labor. It was a great experience that gave me confidence in my decision to have my baby at home. In the second visit, Gina toured our home, met our midwife, and taught my husband techniques to support me (i.e., hip squeezes, massage, etc.). Her attention to detail and holistic approach are what really shine through her work as a doula. Support During Labor: Gina's unwavering support during the labor itself was nothing short of extraordinary. As soon as she arrived, she intuitively knew what I needed. She gave me the essence of clary sage to breathe in, inviting stronger contractions and giving me a second wave to keep going. I was so happy that she was there, supporting me immediately. Throughout my labor, she whispered beautiful words of encouragement, reminding me of my strength. Her massages and cooling cloths brought much-needed comfort and relief during intense contractions. Gina ensured I stayed hydrated, offering sips of coconut water between contractions. She honored my instincts, giving me the space to move freely and following what my body was telling me to do. Her presence was a pillar of strength, not only for me but also for my husband, as she guided him in supporting me. She also captured the most precious moments of our water birth. We have on film and in pictures the very moments our son was born which I will cherish forever. Postpartum: Gina's care did not end with the birth of our baby. She stayed with us for hours after the birth, making sure that our new baby latched for the first time and that both I and the baby were comfortable and nourished. When she came for our postpartum visit at our home, we laughed, talked, and reminisced about the birth. Gina's dedication to our birth, compassionate nature, and extensive knowledge transformed our birthing experience into an extraordinary one. Her support during labor, the knowledge she imparted during our preparation sessions, and the precious moments she captured are testaments to her exceptional skills as a doula. My husband and I cannot express enough gratitude for the profound impact Gina had on our journey. If you are seeking a doula who will provide unconditional support, guidance, and love, Gina is your person. She is a remarkable woman whose caring spirit and nurturing presence will forever hold a special place in our hearts. -Meaghan

I have only had one doula but I can’t imagine anyone is better than Gina. My home birth took a turn and we wound up going to the hospital to welcome our baby. Upon arrival I was very concerned about birthing in a hospital since my first was an unplanned C-section. I was induced and determined to have a successful VBAC even though I was told that was not going to happen before showing up. Gina was a huge support and helped me achieve the most healing birth anyone could ever ask for. Once she arrived, she knew exactly what to do at the right time, and was my voice throughout the whole labor. My husband and Gina took control over the environment to make sure I was comfortable. Just enough bossy, photographer, and cheerleader. I will always have a special place in my heart for her because she created an amazing experience in a place I was scared to step foot into. If I ever did it again, I would want a Gina by my side! -Aneta

Gina Morin provided hypnobirthing and prenatal yoga for my first birth. She provided so much information and confidence for me during such a new experience. Additionally, she was there for me when I was struggling with unnecessary medical intervention. Even just to listen and validate my feelings. For my second born, I knew Gina had to be my doula! Gina was the only one my husband trusted. Gina would provide information, but never force her opinions or beliefs. It is such a gentle experience to have someone so in tune and so accepting of whatever your choices might be. Gina provided prenatal support, yoga plan, hypnobirthing refresher, and general mental support during the lockdown-ish times of COVID. For the day of my birth, Gina made sure I was hydrated and had snacks when I wanted. Also, Gina, was a solid support for my husband, who can be on the nervous side. After the most beautiful birthing experience, Gina made me a smoothie and fed me toast while I lay in bliss with my new baby. Just seeing that golden hour or two (felt like forever) in my mind’s eye brings tears of happiness. Once, I was aware of my surroundings again, I looked around and thanks to Gina my house looked like nothing had just happened. The furniture was in place, the pool was gone, and I was able to just rest and relax and love my perfect baby and reflect on my perfect birth, which included the most perfect doula. -Veronica

References available upon request.

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